The Kid Who Turned His Back On Cool

students salvation calling

When Nick Mauney met Jesus, there was no one to show him there was more to life than being the coolest kid in class. Then an unexpected g...

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What the next generation needs from us

students church faith

The packed stadium goes suddenly silent. Race fans hold up three fingers in reverence during the third lap. Tragedy struck at the Dayton...

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If you doubt one person can make a difference, look at this teen’s impact on four families

eternity community students relationships leadership

Ben Duncan was just a teen determined to follow Jesus wherever he leads. Watch the video to discover the eternal difference one person ca...

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So You’re Young...

students leadership

Have you ever been looked down on because of your age? See if any of these things sound familiar: "you're just a kid," "you can't...

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Gauntlet 2013 - Session 6

Aug 1, 2013

students love joy gauntlet

In life, what is it that pushes you forward? What is it that pulls you to the finish? In Jesus, we get the great opportunity to run the r...

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My Eternal Summer - Morgan Doppelheuer’s Story

students friendship gauntlet selfishness

Morgan Doppelheuer lived for the approval of her friends until a week at the Gauntlet changed the trajectory of her life forever. Watch t...

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Gauntlet 2012 - Session 5

July 25, 2012

students gauntlet

Find out what a lunch tray has to do with your life in this talk from Perry at Gauntlet 2012.

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Two-A-Days Bible Reading Plan for Students

students bible

It’s simple; we want you to commit to reading the Bible everyday—and see what happens. What can God teach you? How can He change you? Vie...

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