What the Bible Really Says About Heaven

heaven death salvation

The most important belief of the whole Christian faith is that Jesus resurrected from the dead, defeating sin and death. This event is st...

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Sermon Series


April 6, 2022 - April 27, 2022

resurrection salvation the cross

In this series, “PASSION” we will dive into that not only do we believe Jesus is God, but we believe that Jesus, through His death, buria...

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April shared the Gospel with her son, and unexpectedly encouraged someone else in the process

salvation parenting kids

I remember praying before Samuel was born that he would one day accept Jesus into his life. In the blink of an eye, Samuel was at Fuse.Ev...

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Akmal found Jesus in a desolate place

salvation missions

Akmal grew up a practicing Muslim, but this was really his only option — everyone in Akmal’s village was Muslim.

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Sermon Series

No Other Gospel

salvation bible faith holy spirit gospel

Paul wrote Galatians as a letter of urgency to the church in Galatia. What happens if the Church gets the Gospel right?

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Sermon Series

We Believe

Feb 14, 2021

heaven hell salvation bible holy spirit

It’s never been more important to root ourselves in God’s word. Are we blown by every wind of doctrine? It’s time to own our beliefs. Wha...

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A House of Witness

From NewSpring at Home | House to House

June 7, 2020

church salvation hospitality inviting

Your home is more than where you lay your head at night. It’s an embassy for the kingdom of God, a place where people hear and experience...

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Justin found the freedom to live for Jesus

salvation gauntlet following jesus

Justin Harrison has discovered that following Jesus is all about the journey of trying to figure out what it looks like to have a relatio...

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Emma found love and approval in her heavenly Father

identity salvation addiction fatherhood love sex

Emma Guthrie struggled in her identity when it came to men in her life, so God showed her what perfect love from a father looks like.

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When Alex thought he lost it all, God came through

freedom salvation provision gauntlet protection

Alex Olson learned what it means to be fully reliant on God to provide in every situation. 

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