The Shepherd’s Candle

From Christmas at NewSpring: A Celebration of Advent

Dec 13, 2020

jesus bible joy

Our souls run on joy and joy has been hard to find this year. Join us this week as we explore where our joy comes from. 

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Sermon Series

Christmas at NewSpring: A Celebration of Advent

Nov 29, 2020

hope christmas bible joy peace

Advent means “coming” and refers to the incarnation and salvation of Jesus. In this series, we unpack the hope we have in the coming of C...

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"Joy To The World" toolkit

christmas joy thankfulness toolkit

We spend our lives pursuing happiness, but it never seems to last.  What we need is what only God offers us — unshakable, unwavering...

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"Overflow" toolkit

money joy generosity missions blessing kingdommentality

How to live every day for our joy, God’s glory, and the world’s good!

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You don’t have to make everyone happy this Christmas

love happiness relationships christmas joy

Tears — on Christmas day. Even though my daughter had opened more presents than she could count, she hadn’t opened a tablet....

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Don’t be fooled by the religious disguise

joy religion

It is a very effective and subtle deception. It fools people every day. It even fooled me. I embraced a convincing substitute disguised a...

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5 unconventional ways God used humor to make a point

happiness bible joy

It shouldn’t take April Fool’s Day for us to appreciate a good joke. God has a great sense of humor. The Bible contains as m...

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Winning attention was Jill’s art but that was before she saw the bigger picture

freedom joy purpose fear jealousy

Jill Strickland was living a life dominated by insecurity and fear and came to learn just how valuable she is. This is her story in her o...

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Serving With A Full Heart - Mike Link’s Story

serving joy purpose volunteering

Mike Link talks about his passion for volunteering so others could encounter the same love of Jesus he had. Watch the video ..

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Gauntlet 2013 - Session 6

Aug 1, 2013

students love joy gauntlet

In life, what is it that pushes you forward? What is it that pulls you to the finish? In Jesus, we get the great opportunity to run the r...

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Too Easily Satisfied

joy sex alcohol

Because I speak to so many people, lots of them ask me questions about things I preach about.  While I hear some odd and interesting...

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