The Prophet’s Candle

From Christmas at NewSpring: A Celebration of Advent

Nov 29, 2020

hope jesus christmas bible

The gospel is our hope and light in this present darkness. For the prophets, the Messiah was their future. For us, Jesus is our hope now ...

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Three things the resurrection changes

eternity resurrection salvation jesus

For many, this Easter was like every other. The Easter Bunny left his eggs, families gathered around Sunday brunch, and many attende...

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Justin Harrison heard the calling of God at Gauntlet

jesus relationships faith

Watch the video to see how Justin's story reveals the legacy of faith created at Gauntlet.

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What is communion and why do we do it?

church jesus forgiveness communion

Have you ever wondered why Christians eat a small piece of bread and drink a sip of wine (or grape juice) in some church services? You’r...

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Why Jesus’ birth matters to you

jesus christmas missions

How would you describe Christmas in a nutshell? The most wonderful time of the year? Food, gifts, and family? Happiness and cheer? ...

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How to have fun without regrets at the company Christmas party

jesus christmas alcohol following jesus

‘Tis the season for holiday parties. Depending on who you work with, your office party is either an event to look forward to or on...

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Watch the Christmas story amaze your kids

salvation jesus christmas

Have you ever tried to imagine what Jesus' birth was like? Gather your family and friends and see the story of Christmas unfold!...

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What to do when loved ones look for help in all the wrong places

evangelism salvation jesus following jesus

In “My Church,” Maren Morris sings about her quest for a spiritual experience. She describes it like this: I've cussed o...

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You don’t have to be a Bible scholar to share your faith

evangelism jesus bible inviting

I come from a line of storytellers. My grandmother tells the story of the time she almost shot her son, my father, who was trying to snea...

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What you can learn about Jesus from His name

jesus bible characteristics of god

The first word most of us learned to write was our name. Names help us identify each other and tell us about the relationships we share. ...

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Three ways to share your story better

evangelism jesus communication

If you've met Jesus, you've got a story to share. Stories are about change, and Jesus is all about changing lives. It's easy...

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