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A thankful heart overflows with generosity

If you think back on 2019, you’ve got a story of God’s faithfulness — probably multiple stories!

God has filled us so that we might overflow to others. It is in this overflowing life we experience all the joy God has for us.

Your gift to the Overflow Offering will build the church in our cities, our state, and our world. By giving generously, our no ordinary family will leave a lasting legacy of faith.

We’re not planning for the present. We’re preparing for what’s possible.

We’re believing for every family to take part! God is after our hearts, and he wants to bless bold faith moves. Scroll down to learn more.

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My City

From the beginning, Jesus’ followers linked arms and shared resources so more people could hear the Gospel. Following that example, we’re sharing part of this offering with churches in our communities.

My State

This year’s offering will build the church in our state by helping us complete renovations at the Eastlan Campus, prepare for a Greer Campus, and find permanent homes for Hilton Head and Rock Hill.

My World

We’re investing in church planting through Crossover Global, which works in Muslim-majority countries, and ARC Global works with leaders in five countries to plant churches.

Jesus promises us life to the full. But how do we get there? What does it look like? Find answers to these questions and more as we look at what Scripture says about the overflowing life.

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Devotionals from this study

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Session 1

What it looks like to be filled and overflowing

God is a God of overflow. He desires for us to have a life overflowing with His character, saturating everything in and around us.

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Session 2

This is a story of overflowing love

God demonstrates His overflowing love in this: He sent Jesus into the world to bring us back into relationship with Him (John 3:16).

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Session 3

Are you becoming more like your Dad?

When God calls us to imitate Him, He’s not selling us on a product. He’s inviting us to embrace our identity as members of His family.

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Session 4

Will you trust God to provide?

Who do we trust when life is difficult? Where do we turn when the bills pile up, a relationship is struggling, or a friend is in pain?

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Session 5

What if you already have what you need?

If we have a relationship with Jesus, we already have what we need to enjoy the life God promised. All we have to do is take a step.

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Session 6

Your little bit matters more than you think

Feeding the 5,000 was a miracle of participation. Jesus could’ve fed the crowd with manna, but He used a boy’s lunch and 12 disciples.

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Session 7

What motivates you to give?

This is God’s economy. We know it’s faith-fueled giving when we’re not giving based on what we can do, but based on what God can do.

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Session 8

Pain can be the path to an overflowing life

An overflowing life is available to us all. All the time. Are you looking toward someday when God wants to show you something today?

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Session 9

Holding on to what you have holds you back

The Sea of Galilee teems with life and brings life to the communities around it, while the Dead Sea remains barren. Why?

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Session 10

Servants see what happens behind the scenes

Serving isn’t glamorous, but it is intimate. Servants see what happens behind the scenes. They have the access others don’t.

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Session 11

We have much to be thankful for

It’s easy to forget all the ways God provides for us — the air we breathe, the clothes on our backs, and the roof over our heads.

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Session 12

What motivates someone to give Jesus everything?

Mary didn’t light up the room with a candle or sing a beautiful song. She broke open a container of perfume, and the fragrance filled the room.

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Session 13

An overflowing life is a rich life

As we respond to God’s generosity with our own generosity, we gain something greater than money could ever buy. We get the joy of helping others.

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Session 14

It’s normal to be awestruck by how good God is

God loves us way better than we deserve. He brings us near and blesses us. He adopts us into His family and gives us access we didn’t earn.

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Something worth celebrating

In 2018, the Overflow Offering raised $1.7 million to help advance the Gospel in our cities, our state, and our world. Here’s a quick picture of what your giving helped to do this year!

  • We partnered with churches in each of our communities to expand their ministry.
  • We completed the first phase of renovation at the Eastlan Chapel and made progress on renovating Eastlan’s sanctuary as we prepare a new home for the whole Greenville family.
  • NewSpring Northeast Columbia adopted Radiant Life Church and your giving is helping to renovate Radiant Life as it becomes our combined family’s new, permanent home.
  • Care for AIDS is in the process of adding 15 new centers in 2019, along with two new regions, one in Mwanza, Tanzania, and one in Kampala, Uganda.
  • Crossover Global added 1,963 churches so far, and is set to surpass its goal of 2,000!
  • ARC is on track to launch 70 new churches this year.

As we all give generously to the Overflow Offering, we can build the church in 2020 and beyond!

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