You Have Enough

The distance between lack and abundance can often seem like an unfathomable stretch.  A good example is when we check our bank account balance and compare it to what we would define as prosperity. In the real world, the amount required to pay all of the bills and make a nice life for ourselves can feel like a fortune compared to what is actually in our pockets. In the real world, money often makes an abundant life seem impossible. However, add Jesus to the balance inquiry and we’ve got a completely different bank account.  In Matthew 14, we see that with five loaves and two fish, Jesus took the distance between lack and abundance, pulled it together, wove a basket and used it to pick up leftovers.

In this passage of Scripture, we see Jesus model four attitudes that, if we follow, will lead us from lack to abundance. 

Four attitudes that lead to God’s blessing and ultimately a miracle:

1. Prayer

Jesus took time to be by Himself to rest and pray.

2. Compassion

Matthew 14:14 demonstrates Jesus’ love for people; His gut reaction is compassion even when the crowd crowds in on Him.

3. Gratitude

It is so easy to become selfish with our income and talents when we feel like we don’t have enough to give. However, don’t ever forget that you are not the source of what you have--God is! Jesus acknowledged the source of the meager food at His disposal; He didn’t claim credit but looked to heaven and blessed the food that God had provided.

4. Faith

Jesus broke the bread in faith and handed it over for distribution. 

Prayer.  Compassion. Gratitude.  Faith.

When we posture our hearts in those four ways and hand over our inadequate resources, the unfathomable happens.  God may ask for all we have; that’s what He required of the little boy, right? Ultimately, all that little boy had was more than enough for thousands.  It yielded twelve baskets of leftovers after all were satisfied.  When our finances are made available to God and our hearts are submitted to Him, the distance between lack and abundance disappears altogether.

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