Top resources on dating

Everyone is looking for their “happily ever after.” But how do you know when you’ve found it? And if every time you open your heart you get hurt, how do you keep putting yourself out there time and time again. 

Dating can be disastrous when we enter into it flippantly (swipe right) or too seriously (making a wedding board on Pinterest after the first date). Use these resources to navigate today’s dating culture in a way that protects your heart, honors the Lord, and respects the people you go out with. 

Our Best Resources on Dating

1. Four signs you might be settling (but shouldn’t) [article] 
Have you been in a relationship where it seems you’re having to make too many excuses? This article gives four ways to gauge if you’re settling. 

2. Love me Tinder? The struggle of dating in a digital age [article] 
Take a practical look at how to keep your heart focused on Jesus while swiping through pictures and navigating surface-level connections on your smartphone.

3. Fearless Dating: A 6-Day Devotional [study]
God who made you and loves you knows what’s best for your relationships. Discover what God says about how to treat one another in a way that honors Him and guards your heart.

4. Five common questions about dating [article] 
There is no shortage of opinions out there about how to date in a way that honors Jesus. This article addresses five questions young adults ask over and over again.    

5. I’m learning to love the wait for “the one” [story] 
Waiting for the Lord to place you beside a special someone can be tough. Never being in a serious relationship at the age of 22, Larsen found there’s nothing to fear when waiting on the Lord. 

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An open letter from a single guy to a single girl

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An open letter from a single girl to a single guy

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Finding true love: It’s not as flashy or simple as The Bachelorette

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Why sex before marriage is settling for less than God’s best

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5 common questions about dating

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